Welcome to the Fairmount Flying Club!

The Fairmount Flying Club is now a proud aircraft owner...

NEWS: The Flying Club is bringing home its first own airplane!!! This beautiful Cessna 172 (N1091M) will be replacing the Cessna that we have been leasing out of Tulsa. Come join us to celebrate on October 2nd at the Newton Club hangar. For more info and directions contact James McMullin

Start experiencing the excitement of Aviation today!!

It’s never been a better time to start your pilot training with the Fairmount Flying Club. Join our community of pilots and aviation enthusiasts, make new friends, participate in aviation related activities, and most importantly learn to fly at an affordable rate. Join us today!

  • The Fairmount Flying Club is dedicated to Wichita State students for the development of aeronautical knowledge, practical flight training, and aviation enthusiasm.
  • We offer a ground school course with a qualified instructor and a Cessna 172 for rent at an hourly rate. Visit the Membership tab for more information on joining the club
  • Introductory Flights with a certified flight instructor available! Contact james@fairmountflyingclub.org for more information.

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