About Us

Mission Statement

Great Planes Aviation is an organization devoted to promoting aviation education, safety, and fellowship, while extending our passion for aviation onto others.


A group of students at Wichita State thought there should be a less expensive means of exploring general aviation. To best serve their future members the leadership decided to form a brand new non-profit organization – The Fairmount Flying Club. The students started the Fairmount Flying Club in the Spring of 2011. In 2014 the Fairmount Flying Club engaged in a formal partnership with Great Planes Aviation. The organization is now known as and operates as Great Planes Aviation.

Great Planes Aviation Instructors/Staff

Owner - Georg Schirmer ATP, CFI/II, MEI

Our Fleet

1969 Piper Cherokee PA-28-140 N8297N - $110/hr (wet).

Garmin 430, Dual Comm, Dual Nav, Mode C, IFR Certified.

GPA reserves the right to make changes to rental rates as appropriate to maintain operations for the safety of individuals and the organization.