Flight Training

Courses Offered

GPA offers private pilot, commercial pilot and instrument training. In addition to these certifications and ratings, we offer initial and added flight instructor rating courses. We also offer recurrent training to individuals who are licensed but have not flown in quite in awhile. Have a training need but you don't see it listed? Email georg@flygpa.com with your situation and if its possible, we will create a course specifically for you!

Learning to fly can be a challenging and rewarding process that can become quite costly over time. An economical approach to flight training is the concept of a flying club where many expenses are reduced. It is our goal to provide safe and economical flight instruction with FAA certified flight instructors. Learning everything you need to know is a well-balanced combination of Ground School, Flight Training and Home Study (VERY IMPORTANT).

Ground Instruction

We offer a weekly Private Pilot ground school class, held on campus for a small enrollment fee. The ground school will prepare you to take the required FAA written exam. To assure efficiency in the classroom we will limit the number of students to 10-15 per classroom. Based on demand we will determine how many courses we will offer. If you require additional instruction on a one-on-one basis, you may make arrangements with our flight instructor (additional fees may apply).

Flight Instruction

The amount of flight instruction that is required to pass the FAA check ride at the end of your training varies from person to person. Training more frequently (twice a week is optimum) will increase your chances of finishing your training closer to the minimum requirements. For more information please contact one of our flight instructors.

Home Study

A list of required and recommended books and materials are published here. A rule of thumb is: for every hour spend with your instructor, spend at least 2 hours studying on your own. This will increase the effectiveness of instruction given to you, and your ability to absorb new knowledge. It will also help you identify weak areas and prepare you for the written and practical exam.

Requirements for a Private Pilot License (summary):

  • Be at least 17 years of age
  • English proficient
  • FAA class 3 medical
  • Minimum of 40 hours flight time
  • Written Exam (pass, >70%)
  • Practical Exam/Check ride (Pass)

    For questions regarding flight training, please contact our Chief Flight Instructor:

    Georg Schirmer - georg@flygpa.com